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True Marriage
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One of the predominant idols of the modern age is SEX. Idolatry, to be most successful, takes some of the most wonderful blessings of God and twists them almost to beyond recognition.

God created the wonderful medium of sex. It was designed to provide a bliss that few if any humans have ever experienced. We are wired to seek this blissful fulfillment which can only come according to God's design.

The world thinks it can achieve this bliss according to its own set of rules. Here we see one failed attempt after another, leading to a massive tsunami of heartbreak and destruction.

Only Christians have a chance at achieving the ultimate sexual satisfaction. If you don't understand what it means to be a Christian I invite you to check out this link where I explore Christianity in a way that I hope helps answer some of your questions.

True Christianity

If you are a Christian and desire to serve and please God above anything else then I invite you to explore the issues above.


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